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About Me

   Russel Abruscous  

Atlantic Highlands, N.J.
27 yo.   5f00bf
BA  - Liberal Arts
  Owns Car - runs well
  6 yrs volunteering experience
  works F/T U.P.S.   
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"...works well with others, is helpful, dependable, and shows some leadership qualities..."      
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   Russel Updated this Profile on 1-1-13.
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                  I work hard!
   I'm available for Dating ;)

My Proud Accomplishments

My Future Volunteerism
     I've been thinking about taking one of those country trips, were they  visit a foreign country, and see  how they handle their stray problems over there. 
       NBut lately, I've been reading alot about Ocean Pollution, and think I might like to try a mass beach-cleaning; or
save some ---------------dsssssk

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  My philosophy ~ Favorite saying:






"Here's me, with my sister Jane, .at the beach: pretending we like each other..LOL! Ha,ha."
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Russel's Love Your Doggie Face Fund

 I love to help poor little dogs.  I like finding strays everywhere, giving them some food, and finding them a good home.  This year I found and helped 16 different lost animals!  (That's a record for me, I'm proud of!)    I do like cats too. but I really love dogs, I don't know...jus'  something about them.

PLEASE GIVE Generously to my SpeedeFundraiserTM, so we can both help pooches!   $15. buys shots and food, but all helps.

"Isn't Barky Face Great?  Wanna love-n-Adopt him?"

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My Volunteerism Story 
    When I was very young, me and my friends used to run after cats and dogs we'd find straying through our neighborhood.  We'd try to catch them, and turn them in.
       Now, I catch all I can, but I take them home, and care for them until I can find them homes.
       I help with a charity raffle or bazaar  downtown about two times per year, but I try to do new volunteer work at least once every other  month, or more.


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